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School bus driver describes wreck with accused drunk driver

A view of the crash from Air 3. A view of the crash from Air 3.
Kristi Gray Kristi Gray
Sherry Neutz Sherry Neutz

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The woman accused of driving drunk, speeding three times over the limit and hitting a Jefferson County Public School school bus is out of jail. The family of Sherry Neutz posted her $10,000 bond Monday.

With help from her family and attorney Neutz limped slowing from her first court appearance. Four months after police said she slammed into a JCPS bus carrying 15 kids from Chenoweth Elementary, it was clear she was still recovering from her injuries.

Police said Neutz spent a month in a coma after the January wreck at Brownsboro and Drescher Bridge Roads. Even the driver of the bus, knew it was bad for Neutz when speaking with police right after the wreck. "I just hope that the driver's okay," Daniel Petak told investigators.

Police spent several months trying to figure out what happened that afternoon. At first appearance, it seemed as if the bus pulled in front of Neutz. "I was turning left onto Brownsboro Road off of Drescher Bridge road. Looked both ways, started around the turn, looked again and a car came out of nowhere," Petak explained.

Investigators said the computer in Neutz's airbags showed she was going 77 miles an hour in the 35 mile per hour zone. That means Petak could not have seen Neutz coming in enough time to avoid the wreck.

The police report states if Neutz had only been going five miles over the speed limit she would have been able to stop before hitting the bus. On top of her speed, police said Neutz had a blood alcohol level of .267. Three times the legal limit.

"Any DUI is serious, no matter who the victims are or what the situation and any case involving a school bus is serious," said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Kristi Gray. That is why Neutz is charged with 16 counts of wanton endangerment, one for Petak and 15 more for the kids on the bus when it was hit.

If she's found guilty, Neutz faces up to 80 years in prison.

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