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Interviews played as Pettway trial picks up

Steven Pettway Steven Pettway

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Jurors heard from two different witnesses who were interviewed by police after a murder witness was shot to death in Shelby Park.

The prosecution played the interviews in court as Steven Pettway's trial picked up Monday morning.

Troya Sheckles was killed in Shelby Park in 2009, before she could testify in Lloyd Hammond's trial. Hammond is accused of killing Sheckles' boyfriend.

Hammond's brother, Dejuan Hammond, is also charged in Sheckles' murder.

In court Monday, Louisville Metro Police Department Lead Detective Roy Stalvey referenced his interrogation with a man who said he saw Pettway shortly after Sheckles' murder, "He told me, we ran,we ran and jumped on a bleacher or something, jumped over a bleacher or some type stairs he stood on. He said he shot that lady until wasn't no more bullets."

Another police interview let jurors hear from a woman who told police she called Dejuan Hammond to let him know Sheckles was in the park that March day in 2009.

Hammond's trial won't be held until Pettway's trial wraps up.

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