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Archery to it's Finest

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14-year -old Elizabeth Lynch of Hayden, Indiana has only been shooting for four years.  But in that short period of time she's a three time State Champion as well as a National Champion.

 "People are shooting different bows and they're probably not even in the same class as you but you wander and speculate, oh no they're coming after me and they're going to beat me," said Elizabeth Lynch.

With so much success it seemed as if nothing could bring Elizabeth down until she was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOC).  The condition was so bad Elizabeth had three surgeries where they had to remove her entire top rib as well as most of her mass in her shooting shoulder.

Elizabeth commented, "I couldn't believe it, I thought I was way too young to be having this."

"We didn't want to tempt fate anymore, we thought this was a sign to stop," said Elizabeth's Dad Lonnie Lynch.

After her successful surgery the Lynch's thought her shooting days were over.  But then just a few months ago a determined Elizabeth picked the bow up again and started shooting.  She regained all of her strength back and as of just a couple weeks ago she is now a World Champion as well as a World Record Holder.

"I thought I was dreaming the whole time it was amazing," conveyed Elizabeth.

With Elizabeth being only 14-years-old, there's plenty of room for growth so who's to say she couldn't be in the Olympics one day.

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