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Recycling program lets customers cash in on old refrigerators, freezers

Rainer performing a filet on an old refrigerator. Rainer performing a filet on an old refrigerator.
Some of the materials recovered from a recycled refrigerator. Some of the materials recovered from a recycled refrigerator.

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Old refrigerators are now as good as cash thanks to a recycling program offered by Duke Energy.

Duke Energy officials announced Tuesday they are operating the Filet-A-Fridge program, a recycling initiative that allows customers to donate old refrigerators and freezers for money. In return, the company will offer donors $30 checks toward the purchase of new energy-efficient models.

Organizers said the green initiative is good for the both the environment and consumers' wallets.

"It can be up to one hundred and fifty dollars per year in energy, so it represents a major energy saving [by] removing [old refrigerators] from your garage or basement," said Justin Rainer.

Rainer is a project manager for Jaco Environmental, a company that works with Duke Energy to recycle the outdated appliances.

"By taking a refrigerator off the grid, and removing it from service, it's the equivalent of removing two cars for a year from the road," said Rainer.

According to Duke Energy officials, newer model refrigerators and freezers tend to use three times less energy than older models.

To emphasize the importance of saving money and energy, Rainer filleted, or deconstructed, an old refrigerator at the company's operations garage on Eastern Boulevard in Clarksville, Indiana.

95 percent of the collected refrigerators are recycled into products including cell phones, computers, and televisions. According to Rainer, the appliances are also recycled into power.

"We remove this foam and then it will go to a waste energy facility where it will actually produce 20 kilowatts of electricity through the destruction process of that material," said Rainer.

The Filet-A-Fridge program is available to Duke Energy customers in Indiana.

To enroll in the program and schedule a free at-home pick-up, call Duke Energy at 1-855-398-6200 or visit

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