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Survivor of Carroll County bus crash speaks to high school students

Teena Scott Teena Scott
Dontre Woodruff Dontre Woodruff
Jillian Walls Jillian Walls
Jason Booher Jason Booher

RADCLIFF, KY (WAVE) - With the 25th anniversary of the Carroll County bus crash, survivors and those who lost loved ones are coming together and sharing their stories.

One of the survivors, Jason Booher, spoke with teenagers at North Hardin High School about the crash and drinking and driving on the anniversary of the crash.

Booher was 13 when he and his friends packed that school bus carrying the church youth group on May 14, 1988. They were headed home to Radcliff from Kings Island on Interstate 71, when drunk driver Larry Mahoney was going the wrong way on the interstate and hit the bus head on.

Booher was able to make it out alive without any injuries, but many of his friends weren't that lucky.

He shares his story and message about drinking and driving to help teens who are so vulnerable at this age.

"The decisions you make today will effect the way you live your life," said Booher.

"You can go jail for your whole life for one night of drinking," said senior Teena Scott. "Your life can be changed forever."

"I think a lot of people paying attention caught the emotion," said senior Dontre Woodruff.

"When it hits close to home like this it's different experience," said senior Jillian Walls.

Booher is the head boys basketball coach at Covington Holmes high school and has been very successful at his career.

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