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No dogs allowed at Little League fields

The sign posted at the one of the Nelson County Little League fields. The sign posted at the one of the Nelson County Little League fields.
One of the Nelson County Little League field. One of the Nelson County Little League field.
Audrey Haydon Audrey Haydon

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Dog droppings became a big problem on the Big Four Bridge and now dogs are banned. Apparently, people aren't stepping up to the plate in Nelson County either at some little league fields. The Nelson County Little League says dog droppings at their fields has been an ongoing problem. They posted signs at the fields and posted a comment on their Facebook page and some organizations say the finger is being unfairly pointed at them.

The poo problem has been at Bardstown's Dean Watts Park and Don Harned Field. The league's president says they have had to lock gates and post signs that say "no dogs allowed" and "no pets allowed".  But, it was a May 4th message on the little league Facebook page by the president, Jason Floyd, that has caused quite a bit of controversy.

"Much like showing off a BMW or a Derby Hat, dog ownership has become "stylish" for many people, but when it comes to real work involving a dog, like dealing with chewed items or picking up their feces, they are just plain too lazy to deal with it," said Nelson County Little League President, Jason Floyd. "So they find a place for their dog to run that has fences (not their own, of course, because that would require shoveling poop), so they can shut them up, ignore them, and text message on their phone while the dog gets exercise and relieves itself. Fenced-in Little League baseball fields are, therefore, the perfect haven for the lazy dog owner."

Floyd went on to say in his Facebook message: "Local dog groups are taking no action to encourage dog owners to respect those around them, and focus instead upon their "rights." The only way to get through to that kind of arrogance is through your pocketbooks, and so I encourage you to discontinue your support of local groups such as Barktown Rescue, the Humane Society, and other similar groups, until they feel that your child's recreation is at least as important as their dogs."  

"We were a little confused when we first saw the post," said Audrey Haydon, board member for Barktown Rescue. Barktown Rescue works to find a home for all pets in need.

Floyd says they were tired of the kids stepping in and getting dog feces on their hands. He says the people bringing their dogs to the fields were coming before and after the games.
The Nelson County Little League says they are a volunteer organization and got stuck cleaning up the poop.

Floyd says he was a upset about the issue when he posted this message on Facebook and his message was directed to irresponsible pet owners. In retrospect he says he should not have singled out two organizations that have done a lot of good in the community.

Floyd says he wanted parents to know why the field was going to be locked.

"It is a problem," said Haydon. "You all have had this problem in Louisville with the bridge there. I don't think it would be appropriate to blame non profit organizations that are working to save dogs in the community."

Floyd issued the following statement to WAVE 3:

"The purpose of the Nelson County Little League Facebook post was to explain to our Little League parents why their kids' fields would henceforth be locked as the result of the actions of irresponsible dog owners, and to express our volunteer organization's extreme frustration with irresponsible dog owners' use of children's facilities as a dog run and bathroom. This frustration is not recent, but has progressed over the course of a few years. Unfortunately, in the course of my post, I directed one sentence at two local dog organizations with whose members our members have had confrontations over this issue, and that sentence has spawned controversy and bad feeling. It was not my intent to do that. The missions of those organizations are worthwhile, and it was shortsighted to detract from the mission of the organization itself because of the actions of a few individual members, just as it would be to detract from the mission of Little League because of the actions of a few bad parents. We are now in the process of locking our fields and posting signs, which I now hope ends the issue."

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