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Arizona woman claims to be victim of high-tech car burglars


Some car crooks are using a mysterious, high-tech device to break into vehicles in California. Now, a Valley woman is convinced the same kind of crime is happening here.

Ana Hebner showed CBS 5 News the SUV in her Phoenix driveway that a crook broke into recently without smashing any windows or doing any damage.

Hebner said that she believes the thief got into the vehicle using a mysterious handheld electronic device, just like the car burglars in California who she saw in a CBS 5 News last week.

"I saw the segment on your News Channel 5 and knew I had to call and tell people its here," said Hebner. "They're using technology here, not just in California."

Authorities said the California car thieves used some type of key fob, like the ones used to open and lock cars.

The video shows the California crooks walk up to a couple of vehicles in Long Beach.

The thieves push a button and the doors unlock.

Hebner showed us surveillance video from nine months ago of her car burglar walking up the driveway at about 1 a.m.

The thief checks one vehicle, which was locked, then stands by the door of her husband's SUV.

He's doesn't seem to be holding any tools.

Moments later, the thief opens the door up without any effort.

Hebner said their car doors were locked..

"If the door was unlocked, he would have just opened the door," said Hebner. "But he just stood there and did what he did, then finally, click, and he got in."

The thief stole a number of things from inside the vehicle, including a 9mm handgun, Hebner said.

Hebner wants to warn others to be on alert and not keep any valuables in your car.

"They need to know," said Hebner. "They all need to know."

So far, Arizona authorities have not confirmed that a mysterious device was used to break into the SUV, but they're looking into it.

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