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Iroquois High, Ramsey Middle hardest hit by JCPS layoffs

Iroquois High School Iroquois High School
Ramsey Middle School Ramsey Middle School
Tiffeny Gerstner Tiffeny Gerstner

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Just one day after Jefferson County Public Schools officials announced plans to layoff dozens of teachers, a list of impacted staff and school buildings has surfaced.

More than 30 school buildings will be impacted if the district follows through with plans to layoff 41 teachers, and reposition 114 others currently placed on an overstaffed list. Employees on the overstaffed list will likely return to work next fall but serve in different positions.

Hardest hit by the layoffs are Iroquois High School and Ramsey Middle School. Both institutions is slated to lose three staff members each following the cuts. Moore Traditional High School, Kammerer and Knight middle schools follow with each expected to lose two teachers to the layoffs.

District officials blame the cuts on a struggling budget made worse by less state and federal funding. They also cite a decrease in special needs students. As such, half of the 41 teachers on the chopping block are exceptional child education (ECE) instructors that work closely with special needs students.

"We don't have the need for as many special needs teachers as we have in the past," said Tiffeny Gerstner, JCPS Director of Administrator Recruitment & Development. "Teachers are meeting the individual needs of students to get them on grade level before we have to identify them as special needs."

Despite the layoffs, Gerstner said students would not be under served in the classroom.

"We will always make certain we have the correct number of teachers for the correct number of students that we have," said Gerstner. "In fact, that's what dictates the number of teachers that we need."

The following schools will lose staff to the layoffs:

  • Bates Elementary
  • Bellewood Presbyterian Home for Children
  • Breckinridge/Franklin Elementary
  • Byck Elementary School
  • Central High Magnet Career Academy
  • Crums Lane Elementary
  • Dawson Orman Early Childhood Education Center
  • Farnsley Middle School
  • Frederick Law Olmsted Academy North
  • Harstern Elementary
  • Iroquois High Magnet Career Academy
  • Jacob Elementary School
  • Jeffersontown High School
  • Johnsontown Road Elementary
  • Kammerer Middle School
  • Knight Middle School
  • Louisville Day Treatment Center
  • Mayme S Waggener Traditional High School
  • McFerran Preparatory Academy
  • Mill Creek Elementary
  • Moore Traditional High School
  • Ramsey Middle School
  • Seneca High Magnet Career Academy
  • Shawnee High Magnet Career Academy
  • St Matthews Elementary
  • Stuart Middle School
  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  • Tully Elementary
  • Valley High School
  • Western High School
  • Westport Middle School
  • Wheatley Elementary
  • Wilt Elementary

To view the complete list of teachers affected, click here.

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