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Feds investigate possible hate crime at Muslim family's home


Those who live in a south Nashville neighborhood awoke to the sound of an explosion Friday morning, and now the family who lives at the home is wondering if they were targeted because of their religion.

The ATF and FBI are investigating to figure out exactly what happened at the home on Providence Park Lane around 6:45 a.m.

Torrey Dotson left breakfast on the table and ran out to see the neighbor's house on fire.

"You could see the fire and the smoke coming out the vents," Dotson said.

A girl who lives at the house said she and her sister were in the car ready to leave for school when she said her father went to lock the fence at the side yard, as he does every day, and then saw smoke and a fire.

"I'm just glad that my sister and my dad and me, we were all safe," said 16-year-old Hana Sadun.

The Muslim family is originally from Kurdistan but they have lived at the home about seven years. Hana said she wonders whether the fire was intentionally set because of their faith.

"I can't even cry right now. I'm just traumatized," she said.

Hana said a neighbor down the street said Thursday she saw van with teenagers park in front of the family's house earlier this week and thought it was odd.

"She thought it was suspicious. She didn't' know what it was," Hana said.

The teen's father said he saw two men running from the scene Friday morning, so police dogs were called in to assist the investigation.

The FBI worked the scene as a possible hate crime, and the Metro bomb squad and fire marshal's office were also investigating.

Investigators called it an explosion, but they are not saying there was a bomb of any type. There was not any shrapnel located at the scene.

Pamela Sabb lives next door.

"We love them. They're sweet people," Sabb said. "If they were targeted, I don't see the reason. I'd hate to think like that."

Whatever the cause, the damage at the home is serious. Firefighters had to cut a hole in the foundation and living room floor to fight and ultimately extinguish the fire.

A neighbor said the burning debris from the fire also damaged his home.

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