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Lower your cable bill


The days of watching traditional cable and satellite programming on your television are changing. Many people have found different ways to watch some of their favorite shows and lower their bill at the same time.

Polina Milter watches her favorite shows on the internet. She said she canceled cable and now saves over $60 a month.

"For the first time in my life I feel like I'm saving more money than spending."

And with a simple click of this cable into her laptop, she's able to watch online programming, on her television screen.

"It's great. It's almost the same as watching regular TV. Every now and then you'll have a show that freezes, but the only trouble I've had with that is shows from BBC," Milter said.

Marianna Reynolds also pulled the plug on cable. She had a financial situation so now she pays a little more than $40 a month for internet service and $8 a month for Netflix. That's down from the cable bill that once cost her $200 a month.

"My husband was ill so we had to cut back our finances a little bit and we found that if we just went back to just internet we would save about $150 a month," Reynolds said.

Reynolds and others have also found some of their favorite shows on web sites like Hulu.com. Or network sites like CBS.com. But there are disadvantages of watching online.

"Some of your favorite shows and the most current episode won't be available for a week or two and those are the drawbacks, but I still get to watch it," Reynolds said.

Andy Macke is vice president of government and community affairs for Comcast Cable. He said they've rolled out new X-1 technology to give customers both an internet and cable experience at the same time.

"Not all the content that you can get through Comcast is available online through another online provider so if for example if you want to watch a sporting event you are going to be hard pressed to find that in a single location," Macke said.

Plus, cable and satellite offer on-demand services, live programming and a wider variety of shows than any on line providers.

Other ways to save, some consumers are buying digital antennas that allow them to view many of the major broadcast networks like CBS Atlanta for free. You actually receive the best quality picture through an antenna. In Atlanta, you'll receive about twenty channels with an antenna.

"We know there are some people who watch TV through a computer or connect the computer through the television and we know that happens, but we haven't seen a large migration of customers disconnecting from video in favor of that," Macke said.

Marianna and Polina have not cut their cable service completely. Their provider is still supplying internet services. But they are not likely to go back to TV service.

"I love what we do and would probably never get cable, never, no matter what," Milter said.

Now if you decide to remain a cable or satellite customer, you can still lower your bill. Call the company and ask them if they are offering any special discounts. We found some deals as low as $30 per month by changing channel line ups. If you strike out with that, you can always post comments on your provider's social media sites.

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