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Louisville students get one-on-one with Dalai Lama

Grace Bagga and the Dalai Lama Grace Bagga and the Dalai Lama
Daniel Varghese Daniel Varghese
Shea Woods Shea Woods
Frances Maguire Frances Maguire
The Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Study hard, be kind, put others first. Lessons adults try to teach children every day. Tuesday students from around Louisville got those lessons from a world leader. 

The students filled the Kentucky Center Tuesday morning to ask the Dalai Lama their own questions. While they knew he would speak about compassion, they said there's a lot they told him they were surprised about.

While telling the audience about the way she practices compassion, Grace Bagga from Louisville Collegiate was interrupted by the Dalai who walked up halfway through her speech.

Bagga was just one of many students who got a one-on-one with the Buddhist leader. Daniel Varghese, who just graduated from St. Xavier High School, said he expected the Dalai Lama's calm demeanor, but "I didn't expect him to be as funny as he was."

The Dalai Lama showed that sense of humor on more than one occasion during the event. Not long after arriving on stage, he grabbed a tissue and sneezed, then told the crowd "you should say 'God bless.'" The crowd erupted in laughter.

It's that personality the students said made listening to his advice about being kind, compassionate, putting others first and working hard that made it more believable than others who have told them about it before.

"He has a certain aura and he puts it in a perspective that sort of student friendly," said recent Ballard graduate Shea Woods.    

No topic appeared off limits for the world leader. Frances Maquire, 13, wanted to know what advice he would have given himself at that same age. The Dalai Lama told her was during that time he has his biggest regret in life.

"That's best period for serious study," said the Dalai Lama, "but I not much interest about the study, only play."

"I like that he told me about he didn't really study and he had a hard time about it, but if you study, you'll get better grades and you'll pull through it," Maguire said.

It's an example Maguire said she can really use with the pressure of doing well in school.

The Dalai Lama's visit with students was his final event during his three day stay in Louisville.

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