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Rebuilding after tornado slow to happen in Indiana town

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A tornado-damaged home in Marysville. A tornado-damaged home in Marysville.
Patricia and Marvin Tucker Patricia and Marvin Tucker
One of the new homes built in Marysville, IN. One of the new homes built in Marysville, IN.

MARYSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - One town that knows all about rebuilding after a storm is Marysville, Indiana. At the time of the March 2, 2012 tornadoes, one law enforcement official said Marysville had been completely wiped off the map. For those who remain, rebuilding has been slow and painful.

Where they used to count neighbors, Patricia and Marvin Tucker now count new construction, but more commonly empty slabs where homes used to be.

It's been almost 15 months after a tornado passed right over their home, destroying about half of it and leaving no structure in Marysville untouched.

"To look out the door and not see nothing over there, not even a house, well it wasn't hardly a pile of rubble," Marvin said.

Patricia and Marvin say looking at what's happened in Moore, Oklahoma brings it right back home.

"Try to have faith," Patricia said, "cause we had someone with us that day and they do too."

They've also had help of the earthly kind over the past year, but it's been difficult. Still the Tuckers say there was no question they'd return home. They'd just paid off their house when the tornado hit. It was theirs. Not everyone who used to live in Marysville feels the same.

"She says she'd like to come back but she didn't think she'd be able to go through it, be able to rebuild again," Patricia said of one of her former neighbors.

The Tuckers say if there's one thing they've learned through the misfortune that hit their town and that's playing out again in Oklahoma, it's gratitude.

"Be thankful for what you've got," said Marvin.

One key difference in Marysville from the tornadoes in Oklahoma is that despite the destruction, no one lost their life in the town.

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