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Henryville school leaders draw similarities between March 2, Oklahoma twister

Jared Hill Jared Hill
Madison Cox Madison Cox
Troy Albert Troy Albert

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A deadly tornado hit Plaza Towers Elementary in Oklahoma where at least 75 staff and students took cover.

There was a similar scene in Henryville, Indiana during the March 2 tornado outbreak.  Thankfully, no one was killed in the school and there weren't significant injuries.

However, the storm left a lasting impact. "I had empathy because I know how they feel.  I couldn't believe it. It was like the feeling I got when the tornado hit our town," Sophomore Madison Cox said.

"Just watching the coverage, I did recall the building shaking, the loud noises. It was emotional," Principal Troy Albert said.

The morning began with a moment of silence Tuesday. During classes, students got a lesson on giving back after so many gave to them.

"I want to talk about it today because I think they need to give back. One simple letter from one student can really make an impact on someone's life," English teacher Jared Hill said.

Principal Albert talked to students during their lunch about paying it forward. "I think it's very important we remember all the acts of kindness we experienced last year. Think about that.  And imagine what's going on there. Do whatever you can, cut grass and donate the money, whatever you can do to make a difference for someone affected," Albert told the group of teenagers.

While there are similarities, nothing can compare to the loss of life in Oklahoma. "We're blessed and thankful we didn't have the fatalities, so we're keeping those affected in our thoughts and in our response – whatever it is we can do," Albert said.

Albert and his wife are planning a trip to Oklahoma after Henryville's graduation. They're unsure of their destination and what they'll take considering how recent the tornado swept through the region.

You can find a list of reputable charities and organizations helping those impacted by the deadly tornado by clicking here.

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