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Two east end home invasions reported less than two miles apart

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John Polhill John Polhill
Nancy Polhill Nancy Polhill

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Two home invasions are reported to Louisville Metro Police less than an hour apart and now officers are trying to determine if the same group of people are responsible.

The first robbery happened in the 3300 block of Pineneedle Lane, off Brownsboro Road. Then less than two miles away, three people targeted a woman on Old Orchard Circle.

Police say they do have some persons of interest in custody. They are being questioned about both of these home invasions.

Nothing could have prepared John and Nancy Polhill for what happened Friday afternoon.

While John was inside, Nancy was outside near the garage at their home on Old Orchid Circle. Then three people, she describes as high school aged, came walking up to her.

"I said what do you want? I thought he wanted permission to pass through the yard," said Nancy. "He said 'Well, I want money'."

Shocked by what was happening, she didn't know what to think until a girl pulled out a gun.

"We want your car and then at that point I don't know what I said," she said. "I screamed."

Nancy then hit her car panic button. "I didn't know about any gun, so I started chasing them," said John. "I wouldn't have if I had known about the gun."

A fourth person, the getaway driver, was parked next door. John says what happened next, you would have to see to believe.

"The girl jumped into the car, while it was moving or tried to get in, and the boy ran around behind the car and got hit. He hit the boy and knocked him sprawling in the road," he said.

The couple doesn't think this group has been committing crimes very long. "It was a total comedy of errors, they had no idea what they were doing," said John.

Little did the Polhills know, 50 minutes prior, police say there was another home invasion less than two miles away in the 3300 block of Pineneedle Lane. Neighbors tell us a family of four was inside at the time when the intruders pulled out a gun.

Police say some items were taken from the home, but didn't say what. Nancy hopes whoever is responsible will learn a lesson. She says she will say some extra prayers for them.  

"I feel like they need to learn how to get money correctly and to get their own car," said Nancy.

Police say no one was injured during either home invasion. If you have any information, call 574-LMPD.

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