Officer Jason Ellis mourned by 'brothers'

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) - The brutal murder of Officer Jason Ellis has hit the communities of Bardstown and Chaplin hard.

Ellis worked in Bardstown and lived in Chaplin with his wife and two children.

Nick Pratorius, a resident of Chaplin, said the fact that someone would kill an officer is scary. "You don't hear this much in this part of the woods," he said. Fellow Officer John Snellen said, "It just feels unreal. This is Bardstown; it can't happen here."

Bardstown Police officers say they consider themselves brothers who talk, laugh, and cry together. They said Ellis was a beloved member of the brotherhood.

The 33-year-old was a husband, father of two, and a pee wee baseball head coach. Officer Tony Slattery was not only Ellis' colleague, but his friend and assistant pee wee team coach. He said Ellis was a "good guy" and would give you the shirt off his back. He said even the people Ellis arrested liked him.

Officer Ellis' fellow patrolman will not leave his side. They are standing watch with his body at the Barlow Funeral home on a rotating shift. An officer will be with Ellis until he is buried.

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