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Widow of fallen Bardstown officer remembers her 'hero'

Officer Jason Ellis (Source: Bardstown Police Department) Officer Jason Ellis (Source: Bardstown Police Department)
Amy Ellis Amy Ellis

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Even in what was his serious professional picture, Jason Ellis' goofy smile, as his wife Amy liked to call it, gave away his true personality.

"He loved to make everybody laugh," said Amy. "He wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time around him."

That was never more evident at the police department's Christmas parties.

"At the Christmas party the past two years, it's nice, you dress nice, but him and another officer wanted to wear goofy sweaters," Amy said. "Everyone else is dressed nice, but this past year he wore an elf sweater with an elf hat." 

It's those everyday memories Amy Ellis clings to now. "His smell or just to be able to hug him and kiss him and just seeing him with our boys." 

Officer Jason Ellis was days away from celebrating seven years with the Bardstown police department when Kentucky State Police say he was ambushed on his way home after his Friday night shift. While picking up a piece of debris in the Bluegrass Parkway, he was shot multiple times. But what happened to the man Amy fell in love with in college 12 years ago is not how she wants him to be remembered now. Instead, it's the service he gave to his city working as the only K9 officer.

"He was dedicated to his job," said Amy. "He wanted to clean the streets up and that was a way to get the drugs off the streets."

In that role too, Amy said she saw how great he was putting people at ease.

"I rode with him on several occasions," Amy said, "and I remember one of the first times I rode with him, he pulled someone over and he was at the car and I was watching him and he was laughing and whatnot. I said, 'did you know him?' and he said, 'no'."

Amy wants her husband remembered for the time he gave to his community, coaching baseball. She wants him to be known for the way he raised his boys, ages six and seven, how he always put his family first. 

"He played minor league baseball for awhile and when he decided to give that up, you know I worried because he came home early," said Amy. "I was pregnant. We were having trouble. We have a special needs child and he knew it was time to come home and he needed to be there. I worried he would regret that one day, but he said he had lots of dreams and one was to be a police officer to be my husband and a father."

She said if there ever was a time to call someone a hero, Officer Jason Ellis would surely be it.

"He is forever our hero," said Amy.

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