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Fallen officer's widow wants people to remember her husband's life

Amy Ellis Amy Ellis
Officer Jason Ellis (Source: Bardstown Police Department) Officer Jason Ellis (Source: Bardstown Police Department)
Figo in front of Jason Ellis' cruiser. Figo in front of Jason Ellis' cruiser.
Jason and Amy Ellis Jason and Amy Ellis

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) - For the first time, the widow of murdered police officer, Jason Ellis, is speaking out and sharing memories of the man she loved so much. 

As the investigation continues, there are still no answers as to who is responsible or why someone would do this. 

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"He always made me feel like he was superman, that nothing would ever happen to him," said Amy Ellis, widow. 

At her darkest time, Amy Ellis can't help but smile when she thinks back to the first time she met Jason Ellis in college.

"It was truly love at first sight," said Amy. "He was my best friend."

Back then Jason was pursuing his dream as a minor league baseball player. The two married and knew they wanted to start a family. Amy said it was evident Jason wanted to put his family first.
"I was pregnant and we were having trouble," she shared. "We have a special needs child and he knew it was time to come home and he needed to be there and I worried he would regret that one day, but he said he had lots of dreams and one was to be a police officer, to be my husband, and a father."

For nearly seven years he lived out his dreams. Jason was Bardstown's only K-9 officer, he was a husband, and a father of two young boys.

For some unknown reason on Saturday, somebody decided to cut his life short. "It's extremely frustrating because we have no suspect, no motive, nothing to go on at this point," said Chief Rick McCubbin, Bardstown Police.
Police now believe Officer Ellis was targeted and ambushed when he stopped on an exit ramp on his way home from work to clear debris.  

"I've laid on the bathroom floor and I did not want to live another second without him," said Amy. 

Amy said she knows she must stay strong for her six and seven year olds.

An entire community hurts for the Ellis family. Bardstown Mayor Bill Sheckles said Ellis' murder has shaken his city.  

"We don't want to be a community that is constantly looking over our shoulder every time we walk out our front door, that's not what we do here in Bardstown," said Sheckles.
As this investigation continues, it's not Jason's death, Amy wants people to remember. It's the family life he lived, his goofy personality, and his passion for his job.
"He wanted to clean the streets up and that was a way to get the drugs off the streets," said Amy. 

Jason's police dog, Figo, is now retired and will be dedicated to the Ellis family in hopes of bringing some kind of peace.  

"We're just going to miss him so much," said Amy. 

What started as a $1,000 reward fund for the person(s) responsible for Ellis' murder has grown to more than $22,000 thanks to donations. The city of Bardstown is adding $10,000 on top of that. If you have any information that could help police, please call. 

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