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Constable arrested again for allegedly selling heroin

Clifton Hudson Clifton Hudson

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A not guilty plea was entered on behalf of an elected official.

Bullitt County Constable Clifton Hudson was arraigned in court Wednesday morning for allegedly selling heroin. This is his newest arrest and his attorney said he needs help.

"We're going to have rehab. This young man's going to be placed back in the community. I mean that's the reality of people when they have issues, they don't go away forever, they do come back," said Defense Attorney Joseph Wantland.

Hudson still has pending charges from an arrest in December, also for drug charges.

"The first time, we know was pills. The second time, we know was heroin, so you can see he's obviously graduated up to a higher type of drug," said Lt. Mike Murdoch with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office.

"To continue doing it less than six months later and get popped for it he obviously needs some help," he added.

The usefulness of a constable position, or an officer of peace, has been questioned.

Lieutenant Murdoch said it's hard because Hudson is in an elected position with no law enforcement training and he has seen the job done both well and wrong.


In this case, Sheriff David Greenwell said enough is enough, "Unfortunately with him being an elected official it has to go through the proper channels. The Sheriff has notified the people above him that he thinks need to be notified in order to get the removal started on him," said Murdoch.

The judge set a $75,000 full cash bond for Hudson. He is scheduled to be back in court for a probable cause hearing June 4.

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