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Benefit concert held for family, lost home in Mother's Day fire

A benefit concert was held Sunday for Indian Trail family left homeless by a fire that destroyed their home on Mother's Day.

Live musicians played at Jukebox Pub n Deli and a raffle was held in order to help the family have a home once again.

7-year-old Skylar Carpenter, oldest sister of 5, was responsible for grabbing her youngest 2 brothers and getting them out of the burning house.

"I said, I see smoke and my husband jumped up and he went to the back door and screamed get the kids out," said Dakoda Carpenter, Skylar's mother.

The family of 7 was in their home when the fire broke out in the attic. Skylar, without prompting, got her two youngest siblings and took them across the street. Dakoda and her husband got the rest of the kids out just before the roof collapsed on the home.

"Her response wasn't herself, her first reaction was to get her brothers out," said Robin Thompson, Skylar's Grandmother.

Skylar has since received an award for her heroism from her school.

The family was renting the home and their contents weren't insured. They're living with friends now, but are actively pursuing finding another home for their family.

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