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Indiana officers sympathize with loss of fallen Bardstown officer

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Officer Frank Denzinger Officer Frank Denzinger
Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - A show of support from departments from all over Kentucky and Indiana is expected Thursday at the funeral of Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis. Wednesday a group of officers who know what it's been like for the Bardstown Police Department came to the visitation to offer what they could.

"We want to be there for them and let them know that our thoughts and prayers are with them," said Floyd County Sheriff Darrell Mills.

Like so many of us, the Floyd County Police Department is trying to find ways to let those closest to Officer Ellis know that hearts, minds and prayers are with them.

"We'll go down and wash their police cars, whatever it is they need us to do, we're they're for them," Mills said.

The group of officers knows how crucial that support is.

"It's something that just really sticks with you," Mills said.

In 2007, Floyd County lost Officer Frank Denzinger. Denzinger was ambushed as he and Officer Joel White responded to an argument between a mother and her teenage son. Almost six years later, Officer Denzinger's name greets people at his former department and his picture looks out over his former co-workers.

"He was a very big part of this department and he's not here physically but trust me, he's here," Mills said.

Like Officer Ellis, Mills said Officer Denzinger was well-liked. His loss hit the department hard.

"In the type of job that we do you obviously want to make sure that your focus is right and obviously your focus can't be right when you have a situation of this magnitude that affects a small agency," said Mills.

Floyd County officers got some time to grieve after their loss thanks to other agencies pitching in to take over shifts. In Bardstown, Kentucky State Police will take calls for service, Louisville MetroSafe will help with dispatch and at least eight other agencies will assist with the funeral.  It's all so Nelson County and Bardstown officers can focus on remembering their fallen friend.

"We all have our laughs and tell our great stories and they'll have that," said Mills. "They'll have the great memories. No one can take them from us."

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