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Son locked up because "Dear Old Dad" didn't pay up

Helen and Lee Neely talking to reporter Paul Orlousky Helen and Lee Neely talking to reporter Paul Orlousky

A 16-year-old was rounded up and then locked up in Lorain County all because of a bill his father didn't pay.

Paul Orlousky investigated and discovered, it's happened lots of times before.

The teen spent Wednesday at the Lorain County Juvenile Detention Home because of a situation that arose from a case against him when he was 11, a case that was later dropped.

Paperwork at the Lorain County Juvenile court shows that after a 2008 case, Lee Neely's father was assessed a total of $275 in fees. The money was never paid. There is also a flurry of paperwork that shows his mother Helen was summoned to court this month about the money and never showed up.

"I called them when I got the notification, told them that I was not the custodial parent, they have the wrong person and the wrong address and the lady agreed with me, did not know why they sent it to me and not to him," said Helen Neely.

She adds she was never served personally. She says the subpoena was handed to a friend. After her call she thought the matter was handled until her son was arrested at his school Wednesday.

As a result of the failure to appear a warrant was issued for the juvenile's arrest.

So our next question: Why not the mom since she was served? Because strangely, in Juvenile Court, it is ultimately the juvenile's responsibility.

Court paperwork shows dad was never summoned to court even after mom gave them his address.

We went to dad's apartment for an explanation, but no one came to the door.

The court order to pick the boy up refers to him as being delinquent. That is a technicality and the events of Wednesday will not blemish his record.

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