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TV5 Exclusive: DNR threatens to remove family's pet deer


A local Genesee County couple is learning a hard lesson about having a deer as part of the family.

Lilly the deer's mother was hit and killed by a car five years ago.

As the mother deer lay dying she gave birth to two fawns, one died, the other was in rough shape.

Police were called and when asked if the homeowners could try to save the deer. The officer replied you can try although the fawn probably won't live more than 15 minutes.

Last week Lilly turned five.

Neighbors in the area have no problem with the couple having a Lilly, but according to the homeowners that changed when a neighbor's guest saw her and that person apparently called the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The couple called the DNR and were told it is illegal to take a fawn into your home and raise it as a pet. Now it looks like Lilly will be taken from the only home she has ever known.

The DNR says the two choices for Lilly are to be rehabilitated back into the wild, or she will have to be put down -- something the couple doesn't want to happen, but they really have no choice in the matter.

The couple has retained an attorney in hopes that they will be able to keep Lilly.

For the latest on Lilly's ongoing saga against the DNR, click here.

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