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Henryville principal heads to OK to help tornado victims

Troy Albert Troy Albert
Karen Albert Karen Albert
Austin Albert Austin Albert
Mark Furnish Mark Furnish

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - One day after graduation for his students, a southern Indiana school principal packed up his family and headed for Oklahoma.

Alongside his wife Karen and son Austin, Troy Albert, the principal of Henryville Junior-Senior High, left early Monday morning, but not for a family vacation. They were on a mission to help give back.

"We know that a lot of communities supported us throughout this whole--our situation," said Troy Albert. "We want to give back."

Together, the trio will help Oklahoma schools devastated by recent tornadoes by hand-delivering school supplies collected by the community of Henryville.

"We've got several hundred bags in our truck that kids and families have filled," said Karen Albert. "It's just a way for our community to feel that they're paying back and doing something for everything that was done for us."

Karen Albert works with Henryville schools as an instructor. The couple's 19-year-old son, Austin, graduated from the same school system last year.

"People from all over the country helped us," said Austin Albert. "I need to pay it back."

That sentiment is shared by many people throughout Henryville, including Fire Chief Mark Furnish. Furnish placed a sign outside his personal automotive shop asking Henryville citizens to "Pray for Moore OK."

"What's important is to try and send prayers," said Furnish. "Send money because money is the main thing that the people need."

Furnish said while the Oklahoma tornadoes brought back bad memories for many people in Henryville, local tornado survivors can continue healing by offering spiritual and financial help.

So with prayers, money, and school supplies in tow, the Albert family—with the help of the community of Henryville—will help deliver hope to some of Oklahoma's tornado devastated schools.

While in Oklahoma, the principal will also meet with a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma to discuss school safety and natural disaster preparedness.

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