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Teens raising money for Oklahoma victims

Tori Fanning and her friends Tori Fanning and her friends
Tori Fanning Tori Fanning
Joanie Fanning Joanie Fanning
Jim Cox Jim Cox
The Fannings new home The Fannings new home

DAISY HILL, IN (WAVE) - The death toll has climbed to 18 as search crews recovered more bodies after an outbreak of tornadoes tore through the Oklahoma City area on May 31. The devastation there is something many in Kentuckiana can relate to. A group of teens in Washington County, Indiana knew they had to do something to help the victims in Oklahoma. Instead of spending their summer like a lot of teens do they are passing the kindness they've seen over the year, and helping out others.

Tori Fanning, 15, and her mother Joanie can't wait to move into their new home in Daisy Hill, IN.

"I'm ready, I'm ready to bring them home," said Joanie Fanning.

Their new home means so much to them because their Daisy Hill home was damaged in the March 2, 2012 tornadoes.

"It sucked us in, picked us up, and slammed us back down and blew out," said Joanie Fanning.

"I had so many memories in my house before," said Tori Fanning.

"It just looked like a bomb went off," said Joanie Fanning.

To talk about March 2 hasn't gotten any easier for Tori and her mom.

"I didn't want to cry," said Joanie Fanning. "It was probably the hardest days the darkest days."

They couldn't come back to their home and for the past year, they've gotten help and have been living in Pekin, IN. Since February, members of an organization called Volunteers Rebuilding Our Community have been doing mission work to help families like the Fannings get back on their feet. The volunteer group at the Fanning home is with the United Methodist Church from Middleburg, Ohio.

"I'm always touched," said volunteer Jim Cox. "We're doing what God told us to do."

It's because of volunteers like the team from Ohio, that Tori and her friends knew they had to do something after seeing the devastation in Oklahoma.

"I'd rather go help them people that has lost their homes their children and their school," said Tori Fanning.

On June 21, they are holding a bake sale, yard sale, water and food drive at the Hometown Express in Borden, IN. On June 22, they are also holding a motorcycle run to raise money for victims in Oklahoma. The teens personally want to deliver the money they raise to the victims.

"People came from out of state and they brought stuff personally to us and we know how it feels," said Tori Fanning.

Their goal is to raise $5,000.

"That's great, that's great ... it's what it's all about," said Cox.

It's about taking the kindness and sharing it with others.

"The people that have done it for us, that's what we want to do for Oklahoma," said Joanie Fanning.

If you would like to help Tori raise money, just got to any PNC Bank and donate under the "Our Hearts In Oklahoma" fund. For more information you can email tori_fanning143@yahoo.com

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