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Art gallery owner blames caterer for chocolate-clogged pipes


When Layla Gunn threw her husband a surprise birthday party, everything went well at first.

"The party was amazing," Gunn said.

But, at the end of the night, Gunn walked into a sloppy, sticky mess in the back of the Vinings Gallery, and it was not because anyone had too much to drink.

According to Gunn, she ordered a chocolate fountain for the party. Once it was over, an employee with Arranged To Eat, LLC dumped the remaining 10 pounds of liquid chocolate down the sink.

The chocolate hardened and clogged about 12 feet of pipes, which burst, sending water and chocolate spewing onto the floor.

"We walked into the framing area and there was chocolate everywhere," Gunn said.

Denard Stalling, who owns the gallery said the chocolate was so thick, even a plumber could not clear it from the pipes.

"It's solid, you can't even stick a screwdriver down into it," Stalling said.

The plumber had to cut out sections the wall to remove the backed-up pipes. Gunn said that Natalie Durham, who owns Arranged To Eat, argued she was not to blame and the company would not take responsibility for the incident.

"She said 'absolutely, this is not our responsibility,'" Gunn said.

CBS Atlanta went to Durham's home, but no one opened the door.

Gunn just wants the catering company to pay the $2,500 plumbing bill.

"I'm concerned someone would actually think this was ok and acceptable, especially a caterer," Gunn said.

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