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Classes in session Friday at school where ceiling collapsed

Felix Tosado shows his injury. Felix Tosado shows his injury.

Classes will resume Friday at the McDonough Expeditionary Learning School in Hartford after a section of ceiling and a light fixture collapsed.

Both a seventh grader and student-teacher were injured after a light fixture fell on them in a  classroom Thursday afternoon.

The incident occurred inside a science classroom around 2:45 p.m., school officials told Eyewitness News.

A large chunk of sheetrock, which was about 6 by 12 feet, hit both the teacher and student and sent them to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Felix Tosado, 13, was hit by the sheetrock and sustained cuts to his arm.

"Painful, real painful, I can't even explain it, that's how bad it was," Felix said.

His mother plans on suing because Felix told teachers about the big crack in the ceilings minutes before the collapse happened.

"It was scary for me, because I could've lost my son. Something worse could've happened," said Elizabeth Velasquez, Felix's mother. 

Felix said classes still went on.

"It was really, really cracked, like it was about to fall," Felix said. "And they didn't listen to me."

Eyewitness News talked with others who made mention of the splintering ceiling months ago.

"The roof had been broken since the beginning of the year and we've been telling the teacher and the custodian found out," said witness Thalia Rodriguez, who also mentioned the crack in the ceiling.

The spokesperson for Hartford Public Schools told Eyewitness News these cracks weren't on his radar prior to Thursday. But he plans to check to see if anything was officially reported in the past.

As soon as it happened, students were rushed to the auditorium, while emergency crews rushed inside the building.

"It was really noisy, kids were screaming, but we got out quick," Rodriguez said.

Crews checked on the safety of the entire building by going room to room.

Following the search of the building, officials decided the school would open Friday, but be dismissed at 12:45 p.m.

"I'm scared," said a parent, who didn't want to give his name. "I'm glad my child is fine, but this is not something you just don't tell someone."

The spokesperson for Hartford Public Schools told Eyewitness News the inside of the building was renovated in the mid-90s.

The cause of the collapse remains under investigation.

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