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Suspect caught on camera stealing money through ATM

A photo of the suspect. (Source: NAPD) A photo of the suspect. (Source: NAPD)
Gary Humphrey Gary Humphrey

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – New Albany Police are trying to track down the man responsible for stealing cash from someone else's account by following right behind them at an ATM.

Investigators hope releasing a crystal clear image of a thief in the act will not only help put the man in jail, but also let customers know what he's up to.

They said the suspect was lingering at the Your Community Bank on Spring and Fourth Streets earlier this week. They said he was sitting in his car, waiting for people to finish at the ATM. 

"He would approach real quickly and try to catch that session while it was still open and on the last time he was successful in doing that and he was able to withdraw some money from that person's account," said Sgt. Gary Humphrey, New Albany Police. 

It's a crime you may not even realize is happening. "Most people outside wouldn't notice this is occurring because when one person uses the ATM, they drive away and the subject was already waiting to use the ATM and come right up, so it doesn't look like there is a crime going on at all and in fact there is," said Humphrey. 

That's why police are asking you to extra cautious when using an ATM, making sure your transaction is complete before you drive away. 

"Each machine, the technology is different so they need to be vigilant on the fact of what that machine is asking you do and if it has actually closed that session or not," said Humphrey. 

This is something bank customer Gordon Tretter has already thought of. "I'm always careful when I come into the ATM to check around and see if there if there are people in front of me or behind me and I take an extra look in my rear view mirror as I leave," said Tretter. 

Good tips that police hope will prevent this suspect from successfully stealing again, while the hunt to find him continues.

If you have any information that could help New Albany Police you can give them a call at (812) 948-5317 or (812) 945-NAPD. 

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