Chemical leak affects Rubbertown residents

Crews responded to the scene of the leak on Sunday.
Crews responded to the scene of the leak on Sunday.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A hydrochloric acid leak continued to flow Sunday night. The leak came from a 500,000 gallon tank at Dupont Fluroproducts.

Emergency Management Agency spokesperson Jody Duncan explained, "There's a pipe leaking in a section its a 6 inch pipe section, with no isolation valves so its leaking from that."

The Lake Dreamland Fire department was called by plant workers around a quarter to 5 on Sunday evening to report the leak. The fire department and a hazmat team made a three-tier dike system to suppress the leak. They did contain it but could not stop the flow.

MetroSafe alerted area residents with a "Code Red."  A shelter-in-place order was called. The order affected a one mile area along Camp Ground Road in the Rubbertown neighborhood. Nearby residents were advised to stay in their homes and keep doors and windows closed. Residents were not evacuated; however, if residents were not home, they could not enter the perimeter set up by the Louisville Metro Police Department.  By 8:51 p.m. the order had been lifted. Duncan said there were no exposures inside or outside of the plant.

Hydrochloric acid can be used for fertilizers, dyes and dye products. If inhaled, it can be potentially hazardous. It is unclear how much acid has leaked. The Environmental Protection Agency was called in to monitor air quality and potential run off.

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