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Fans of both IU and UofL choose sides ahead of College World Series

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Walter Smith Walter Smith
Doug England Doug England

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Rivalry is not something you think of when you think the University of Louisville and Indiana University. In fact, fans from both schools confess to rooting for the other. With a College World Series faceoff game looming it's time to choose sides.

If you look at Walter Smith it's plain to see he wears more than one hat. "I like IU," he said. "I'm pulling for them as long as they don't play UofL."

He grew up in Louisville. His education comes from Indiana. "I went to IU," said Smith. "I went to Indiana University Southeast."

So it's easy to understand why he might root for the Hoosiers.

"I guess we're so close here and they both have good programs and they're easy to follow so you can become one fan of the other," Smith said.

It's just that the Cardinals fly closer to his heart, "No question."

Across the river retired New Albany Mayor Doug England has similar mixed loyalties.

"Unless they play each other, I'm for IU and if Louisville's playing, I'm for Louisville," England said.

England is a member of the local IU Alumni Association board. "Half the people on the board are IU graduates and they live in Louisville and I see them at Louisville games," he said.

Each year, he makes it to more Louisville games than ones played out in Bloomington.

"When I'm there, I run into everybody from southern Indiana," England said. "This is a region."

Unfortunately, regions don't matter when there can only be one winner and blurry lines suddenly come into sharp focus.

"I'm for Indiana," said England.

"I just wish they were playing someone else other than Louisville," said Smith.

For a few days, friendly fans are forced to become fierce foes with just one thing that can unite them.

"I'm not a Kentucky fan," said Smith.

Fortunately, the College World Series is double elimination so no matter the outcome of the UofL-IU faceoff, the winner doesn't have to go home.

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