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Sold out tickets for Pitino signature angers Cards fans

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Angry Cardinals fans took to Facebook in addition to calling and emailing WAVE 3. They wanted to express their discontent with not getting a ticket to have University of Louisville's Men's Basketball Coach Rick Pitino sign their limited edition Pitino Maker's Mark bottles himself.

"I'm a little upset," said Cards fan Carolyn Johnson. She said she was actually more than a "little upset" but the language to describe how she really felt was too colorful for TV. 

Johnson, like many others, stood in line for hours to get three commemorative bottles. She said it was not effectively communicated to her that only 700 tickets would be sold for the signing.

Tickets went on sale at 10 a.m.  Johnson said when she tried to check-out, she got an error message, "Had the website not crashed on me maybe I would've had a chance."

Carla Sharpino did not get a ticket either.  At 10:01 a.m. she received a message that tickets were no longer available.  She also had purchased three bottles that she thought would be personally signed by Rick Pitino. Sharpino explained, "Having the bottle signed by Rick Pitino, that was the intention when we bought them and so it is a little disappointing." 

UofL Spokesperson Kenny Klein released a statement: "As with many other events that are limited and in high demand, all tickets were sold within the first minute they were available. We provided information on the one signing event that was set up last week when we had our news conference with Coach Pitino. The bottles were not sold with the understanding that all would be signed. The information on how to obtain tickets for the signing was provided in advance and all had the same opportunity to obtain the tickets online.  There are no plans for an additional event.   We are sorry that there are disappointed fans, but as I noted, there was obviously high demand with limited tickets."
The ticket sales for the signing event were sold through a CBS sports website, not through the University of Louisville ticket office which normally handles tickets for U of L athletic events.

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