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Arrest made after officers assaulted

Source: WMOHNewswire Source: WMOHNewswire
Source: WMOHNewswire Source: WMOHNewswire
Billy Ray Hall (Source: Hamilton PD) Billy Ray Hall (Source: Hamilton PD)

Police have arrested a man who is accused of assaulted two Hamilton Police officers and a paramedic.

Just before 9 a.m., police and fire units were called to the 1000 block of Heaton Street for a report of an incoherent 46-year-old man.

Upon arrival, the patient was being treated by Hamilton Fire Department Paramedics and when the person was administered a drug to counteract a possible drug reaction, the person regained consciousness, became combative and attempted to choke a fire department paramedic. 

Police officers who were at the scene intervened to protect the paramedic and the subject turned his attention to the officers, and began assaulting them. 

While attempting to get the person under control, Police Officer David Patterson was pushed down a flight of steps and received non-life threatening injuries. 

While attempting to control the subject, an officer deployed a Taser.  One of the barbs that had impacted the person became dislodged, and when the subject again became combative, Police Officer Mike Thacker was punctured by the Taser barb that he been in the subject.

Both officers are being treated at area hospitals for their injuries. 

Police have arrested Billy Ray Hall, 46, of Heaton Street, for Felonious Assault of a Police Officer, Felonious Assault, Assault of a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and Resisting Arrest.

Hall will be arraigned in the Hamilton Municipal Court on June 14.  At this time he is being treated at Fort Hamilton Hospital for conditions related to the initial call that brought him into contact with officer.

The incident remains under investigation.

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