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Teamsters rally UPS workers to vote against contract

Workers listening to union leaders at the Vote No rally on June 11, 2013. Workers listening to union leaders at the Vote No rally on June 11, 2013.
Zach Pfeiffer Zach Pfeiffer
David Thornsberry David Thornsberry
Mike Mangeot Mike Mangeot

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Tensions between UPS and their employees have risen over a vote on a new five year contract.

Teamsters Local 89, the union for Louisville's UPS employees, held a rally Tuesday morning at the UPS facility on Bluegrass Parkway urging members to vote no on the contract. The Teamsters said one of their issues with the contract is the new guidelines with overtime.

Zach Pfeiffer, a union steward, said all the employees work overtime, but they can at least file grievances asking for a reduction of extra hours. Under the new contract the process will be longer and new employees won't have the opportunity for grievances.

"The contract is: the new guys hired under four years, they don't fall under that language, they can work them 60 hours a week," said Pfeiffer. "They'll take it off us, but they're going to work these kids to death. To death."

"It's no coincidence that the new drivers will be under a four year progression and won't be able to file the grievance in four years," said David Thornsberry, who is also a steward for the Teamsters Local 89.

Mike Mangeot with UPS tells WAVE 3 the contract is a great contract with good additions for the employees.

"It is a fantastic contract offer," said Mangeot. "It includes wage increases of 70 cents to $1.50 for our existing employees. It offers wage increases for our new hires. Benefit protections, cost-free benefits in terms of benefits for our employees. It is a strong contract offer."

When asked about the increase in wages for both part-time and full-time employees, Thornsberry said the raise won't be noticed.

"They get their wages increased, but when their healthcare goes up, it's going to be more they're paying for out of pocket anyway," Thornsberry said. "Our pension went up $400 which is great but they already told us our healthcare is already going up $350."

Employees must vote by June 22. If it passes, it goes into effect August 1. If it doesn't, they go back to the bargaining table.

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