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WAVE 3 Editorial - June 11, 2013: Louisville Budget

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

For the third straight year, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and his team have put together a balanced budget that creates no new taxes or tax increases. We encourage Louisville Metro Council to approve it next week.

The growing economy locally has helped increase tax receipts, allowing needed investments in the upcoming budget in street repair, libraries and parks, in addition to quality of life amenities like trees, bike lanes and larger recycling efforts.

At the same time, expense savings through overtime cuts and attrition has helped increase operational efficiency.

Essential services like EMS, police and fire will be enhanced in the proposed new budget, with added manpower and resources.

The total package is $716 million and is also focused on helping people and neighborhoods while attempting to create jobs and positioning the city for the future.   

More efficient ways to spend our money should always be top of mind but we applaud the positive direction this budget is heading. 

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