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Customers frustrated as Insight switches to Time Warner

Alan Jones Alan Jones

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For some of you who watch TV on cable, you may have not noticed any difference as Time Warner officially switched over from Insight this week. However, a number of former Insight customers say they're frustrated.

Think about all the times each day you pick up your phone. Now think about what you'd do if you only heard silence.

"No phone, no call, still don't have a dial tone," said Alan Jones. "Can't set up a voice mail, don't know who's trying to get a hold of me and on top of that I have an alarm system that phone goes to as well."

Jones is one of a number of Time Warner customers who say the switch over from Insight has been anything but smooth.

"I have had internet issues for two days now," Christy tells us via Facebook.

"Called several times and was hung up on," Johnny writes.

"Tried to call two or three times during the day, got tired of waiting over an hour," Jones said.

A Time Warner spokesperson tells WAVE 3 News the company is pleased with the switch-over process and there are no major technical issues and no known outages. The company has increased the number of people it has answering calls because so many customers are calling in. The number of customers affected, the company said, has been small compared to the number of customers who have successfully switched over.

On his third call Monday, Jones said finally got through. Tuesday morning, he found out he had an appointment to fix his problem.

"He said we have you set up for June 14," said Jones. "I said well first of all I'm not going four days without a phone, second of all how do you even know I'm going to be available June 14 because you never called me to set up the time to begin with."

Jones said he expects better from his new cable provider.

"In our house, we have four kids and we have ten other boxes," he said. "My bill is over $300 a month so you expect them to be Johnny-on-the-spot. Insight was ... My next step is either they're going to call me or I'm going to call AT&T."

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