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Truck driver captures bus crash on dash cam

Emergency crews treating the injured bus passengers. Emergency crews treating the injured bus passengers.
Lynn Wehling Lynn Wehling

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A tire failure may have caused an injury accident on Interstate 64 involving a loaded school bus. The accident was reported at 2:38 p.m. Tuesday in the westbound lanes at mile marker 23.2, just inside the Jefferson County line.

A Nebraska truck driver who was not far behind when the accident happened caught the whole crash on his dash cam. Lynn Wehling always has his dash cam rolling, but he says he's never witnessed a crash quite like this.

"That was a pretty horrendous hit," said Wehling.

Wehling was traveling west on I-64 and was not far behind the bus carrying Waggener High School students.

"She was going probably about 60 mph and blew a left front tire and she just lost control after that," said Wehling.

In the dash cam video from the cab of Wehling's rig, you can see the bus cross from the far right lane impact the concrete barrier three lanes over.

Wehling was one of the first to help on the scene. He immediately got on the bus.

"I was trying to get the kids that weren't hurt out of the bus, so they could get to the kids that were hurt inside the bus still," said Wehling.

Wehling said some of the students were complaining of leg and back pain and a lot of them hit their head pretty bad.

"They were pretty calm, most of them were pretty calm for what they just experienced, I couldn't believe it and I couldn't believe that really only a handful were really hurt bad," said Wehling.

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