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Waggener student switched buses before the crash

The scene of the bus crash. The scene of the bus crash.
Shiane Spady Shiane Spady
Perrie Allen Perrie Allen

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Many parents found out about Tuesday's bus crash, that sent 35 people to Louisville hospitals, as they were arriving at Waggener Traditional High School. The reason they were headed to the school was because two buses full of Waggener students were headed back after a visit to Eastern Kentucky University when the crash happened on I-64 West at the Shelby/Jefferson County line.

Several parents were just getting to the school around 3 p.m. when school officials gave them the news. One mother said she had no idea which bus her daughter was on. Turned out, her daughter was on the bus that crashed, but a last minute decision actually kept her safe. Perrie Allen explained, "When I went to pick her up around 10 minutes to 3 p.m., there was a man talking to a bunch of the parents." Allen said that man's next few words caused her to freeze.

"He told someone, we need you to get a list of all the students on the bus and all the sudden," she said, pausing. Parents then told her one of two buses crashed on I-64, but Allen and other parents didn't know which bus their child was on. Her daughter, Shiane Spady, was on the bus that crashed on the way to Eastern Kentucky University, but after the college visit, Shiane decided to jump on the second bus with a friend. Her original bus was behind them.

"I had just woken up from a nap five minutes before it happened," Shiane remembered, "And I was listening to music and I just heard this loud, I can't really describe what kind of noise it was," she explained, "But then, I stopped listening to my music and turned around and I saw the bus just like there crashed into that (concrete) median."

Shiane said it was a scary sight, "Everyone on my bus was just freaking out!"

Her bus pulled over. "Some of my teachers got off the bus to go see what happened on the other one," Shiane said, "To see if the people were OK and it was just really a nerve racking time."

Her mom found out from another parent that Shiane was not on the bus that crashed.  

"I was relieved," Perrie said.  Shiane added, "It was a strange day."  Although she feels lucky she got on the other bus, she and her mom are sad for their fellow students and parents who weren't as fortunate.

This week was set up for several college visits for the students. Monday, Shiane visited Lindsey Wilson College in Adair County. Bellarmine University, Spalding and some other schools had visits scheduled for the rest of the week, but those have now been canceled.

Allen said she believes JCPS handled the situation well.

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