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Victims from plane crash remain in hospital, plane towed from scene

Linda Ianke Linda Ianke
Lynn Cole Lynn Cole
David Flynn David Flynn

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Four Butler High School grads are at University Hospital recovering after being in a plane crash.

The pilot, Cody Goodan, is in serious condition along with two other passengers Josh Daddonna and Josh Trumbo. The other passenger, Adam Breitmeyer, is in critical condition.

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The rental Cessna plane, number N118JD, registered to Cardinal Wings Aviation, went down Tuesday night around 10:30 at Seneca Golf Course next to Bowman Field. The plane was doing touch and goes - it was only in the air for about an hour before the crash.

A tweet from one of the boys shortly before the crash said "going night flying with the boys."

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David Flynn is just 16 years old, but has history with the plane that's now mangled metal.

"I've flown so much it doesn't happen often," said Flynn.

He planned to get his pilot license with the Cessna. "Scary thinking it could be me," said Flynn.

Golfers continued to play their game despite the crime scene tape and crashed plane nearby.

"It is strange because it looks like it went nose down," said golfer Linda Ianke.

"I'm wondering how they survived," said golfer Lynn Cole.

The plane was towed away by two tow trucks Wednesday. The pilot, Goodan, just got his license in February 2013. The FAA is conducting the investigation, they will turn it over to the NTSB who will then determine the cause.

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