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Pool closes after gun threat

Kim Gamble Kim Gamble
Jeff Reynard Jeff Reynard
Councilwoman Mary Woolridge Councilwoman Mary Woolridge

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It was the hottest day of the year Wednesday in Louisville, but one of the city's few public pools had to close down after threats of gun violence.

The evacuation of the Algonquin Park Pool happened around 4:30.  Swimmers had to leave and police had to call for back-up. 

When it's hot there's only one place kids want to be - in the pool.

But Wednesday afternoon, at the Algonquin Park Pool, Louisville Metro Police tell us first there was a fight among some young men and then threats were made closing the pool.

"It's always one seed that spoils the bunch," said parent and grandparent Kim Gamble. Police acted fast to try and keep everyone safe.

Parent Jeff Reynard says, "The Police officers who were there on duty came around and were getting people out of the water when I inquired what was going on."

Reynard said, "They were concerned about some kids bringing guns up to the park."

Police say it was not gang related.  Some parents weren't so sure.

Others say they wish the people causing the problems would have been arrested.

"They should have got him or got them and made them leave," said Gamble, "Especially with threatening, they should lock them up and let the people finish enjoying themselves at the pool."

As for the kids? One little girl told us, "I was upset because they closed the pool."

"Summer's just starting," said Councilwoman Mary Woolridge, "We just opened our pool."

Woolridge said, "It's way to early for any problems."

"We fought like the Dickens to keep that pool open under another administration that wanted to close it," she said.

She says she wants to make sure this is an isolated incident and the pool stays safe and open for the kids, especially since it's one of the few places where they can stay out of trouble, "We're not going to let one or two people come in and cause families not to use that pool."

Parents hope the Councilwoman makes that happen. 

Metro Parks says the pool will open Thursday as scheduled.

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