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WAVE 3 Editorial - June 13, 2013: First Amendment Rights

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

As church and state should be separate, so should media and the government.

Media members seek and report the news. We investigate. We are not and never should be an investigative tool of the government. In fact, we should hold government officials accountable for their actions and how they spend our tax dollars. We are watchdogs for you, not allies with them.

Part of the job of a reporter is to seek out information the government doesn't want made public. If you treat reporters as criminals for doing this, what good is the First Amendment that other constitutional rights we have are based?

Filing criminal charges against whistle blowers and seizing phone records for phone lines of Associated Press reporters and editors without a warrant is wrong. Not only should the current federal administration return the records and stop this abuse of power, but work actively toward supporting the passage of a national reporter shield law to protect journalists from revealing sources.

The federal government needs to find other ways to plug their leaks and stop trampling on the Constitution.

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