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Tennessee teen among bus crash victims

Angel Hahn (Source: Cynthia Runions) Angel Hahn (Source: Cynthia Runions)
Cynthia Runions Cynthia Runions

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Tennessee teen is on bed rest after suffering a broken back when a chartered school bus crashed Tuesday along Interstate 64.

Cynthia Runions was five hours away in Martin, Tennessee when she received the alarming phone about her daughter, Angel Hahn, 15.

"She was really scared," Runions said. "I was scared, but doctors were really good about calling me. They talked to me on the phone and I was even on the speaker while they checked and examined her."

Other students on the bus and a truck driver who witnessed the wreck helped Hahn who was wedged in the back of the bus after the left front tire blew.

"They found her, if you're familiar with school buses, you've got the window and the backseat. She was in that little cubby," Runions said.

Runions signed a permission slip for her daughter to part of the trip - a policy for JCPS. As long as parents sign off, non-students are allowed to attend as long as staff approve the student or child.

The Tennessee family is close friends with a JCPS staff member and another student who were coming home from a college visit.

Hahn was thrown across several seats.

"I've always wondered why buses don't have seatbelts. Both of my children have never ridden a school bus until they were older," Runions said.

Hahn's parents said she may be released over the weekend as she recovers from elbow surgery.

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