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Local Tri-State teenager appears on the big screen

Alexa Gengelbach Alexa Gengelbach
Alexa Gengelbach in 'Man of Steel' Alexa Gengelbach in 'Man of Steel'

The summer blockbuster 'Man of Steel' has opened across the country. It features major Hollywood stars and some new faces, including a Spencer County teenager.

14 News spoke with a girl who was saved by Superman. Well, at least that's what happens to her character in Man of Steel.

Alexa Gengelbach's role is small in the blockbuster juggernaut, but it's not every day we find someone so close to the big screen in Spencer County.

"I've done a couple of independent films, but this is my biggest movie," says Alexa.

15-year-old Alexa Gengelbach will be a sophomore at Heritage Hills High School next year. She's a patriot cheerleader, and has acted and modeled since she was four-years-old.

"When I was younger, I did modeling for dance catalogues, and I've don't some Dollar General recently," says Alexa.

Even more recently, Alexa made an appearance as 'Bus Girl' in Man of Steel.

"Basically, when Superman is 13-years-old, he figures out he has these superpowers,' says Alexa. "And he saves us in a bus crash. Look for me in the top left section and then whenever we're all looking out of the bus. You should see my face."

Alexa doesn't have any lines in the movie, but she says they scream a lot. She has seen the movie three times already, including a private showing for her family and friends Thursday night in Tell City.

"I like it, because it's action-packed," says Alexa. "It also tells a story. It has a romance between Lois and then Clark."

Alexa's role is small, but it's big enough to earn some residuals, and she says the experience itself is invaluable.

She says she spent ten days in Chicago, and five days in Vancouver shooting for the film. Her mom says Alexa is hoping to continue her acting career for years to come.

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