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Day care owner arrested for fraud

Katrina Clyburn (Source: LMDC) Katrina Clyburn (Source: LMDC)
Gabrielle Curtis Gabrielle Curtis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A day care owner is put behind bars after she's accusing of lying to the state and collecting more than $100,000. 

It was a typical day at Trina's Treehouse II on Cane Run Road, that is except for one thing, owner Katrina Clyburn was in jail. 

The parents we talked to had no idea and said they were shocked.

"Yes, very much so," said Gabrielle Curtis, parent. 

The supervisor on duty told WAVE 3 off camera, no one ever mentioned that her boss was arrested early Friday morning, until we told her. 

Curtis has been taking her two year old son to Trina's Treehouse for the last three months. She said she has been happy with the care. 

"They've taught him how to potty train, he knows how to use the restroom since he's here," said Curtis. "He's more talkative, using full sentences and everything."

Trina's Treehouse II was one of 18 day care facilities in the Louisville area that reached a settlement earlier this year with the Office of the Inspector General to avoid prosecution for problems with pay outs of the state's child care assistance program.
One of the same programs, Clyburn is now accused of over billing. According to state documents, Clyburn lied about her income and where she worked from 2009-2012. It states she forged paperwork to collect more than $112,000 in food stamps, Medicaid, and child care assistance benefits she did not deserve. 

Curtis now have concerns after hearing these allegations. 

"That it might close down and I don't want it to," said Curtis. "It's really close to my house and they are really good with my son."

The original Trina's Treehouse on Broadway is where 2-year-old Ja'Corey Davis swallowed a pushpin in 2011 that led to his death.
At that time, the state found the day care didn't have enough staff to legally care for the number of children. It was immediately shut down, but Clyburn did not face criminal charges. 

WAVE 3 stopped by the $400,000 home where Clyburn lives in the Polo Fields subdivision, that's where she was arrested. 

No one answered, but neighbors say she has rented the house for the last two years and keeps to herself. 

Clyburn is charged with 13 counts of false statements and misrepresentation to receive benefits.
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