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Church struggles to rebuild after massive fire

Paul and Jeanie Shepherd Paul and Jeanie Shepherd
Damaged musical equipment Damaged musical equipment
Paul Shepherd Paul Shepherd
Jeanie Shepherd Jeanie Shepherd

ZONETON, KY (WAVE) - One local body of believers is trying to figure out what to do next. Their place of worship, off Preston Highway just north of Shepherdsville, was destroyed after a fire on Friday morning.

Paul and Jeanie Shepherd ran the Log Cabin Gospel Jubilee. They just opened their doors in March. Neither the Shepherds nor the Cabin's owner had insurance. They lost three guitars, a piano, speakers, and half a dozen microphones and amplifiers.

On a normal weekend, the Shepherds would be serving dinner, playing music, and delivering a message. Instead, this weekend they went back to the cabin to retrieve the last of their items that were not completely destroyed.

Jeanie said the experience was very traumatic and will stick with her for a long time. "I can't go down there anymore. When I walked in I just, you know, the stench and everything and then remembering how it was. It's hard," she said.

They are hopeful that everything they have lost will be restored. They are accepting donations. For more information on how you can donate, call (502) 548-1925 or (502) 640-7733.

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