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Property owner, city resolve water theft charges

Adel Kamal Adel Kamal
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A local property owner who was accused by the City of Toledo of water theft and unauthorized use of water has entered into a plea agreement with the city to resolve the criminal case.

The city charged Adel Kamal with 15 counts of theft and 15 counts of tampering, and the city accepted a plea deal with Kamal on charges of disorderly conduct.

"The plea was to seven counts on a reduced charge, and there will be actual electronic monitoring for 30 days, as well as some other aspects involved in sentencing," said Toledo Law Director Adam Loukx.

Toledo water customers will be charged with higher rates over the next five years to pay for improvements to the Collins Park water treatment plant, and the city recently hired a retired TPD detective to investigate possible cases of water theft.

"Everyone who gets water needs to pay for water, meet their obligations," Loukx said. "It's certainly not fair for other rate payers if some don't pay to have to subsidize, so we are taking it seriously."

The city has pending civil cases against Adel Kamal, seeking restitution of more than $45,000.  

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