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Perrysburg pub one step closer to patio use

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Perrysburg pub has been fighting to be allowed to use their outdoor patio, but their neighbors say it's too noisy. Now they are one step closer to being able to use it.

The Perrysburg Planning and Zoning Committee listened to arguments for and against the use of the patio at the 5th Street Pub Wednesday. The restaurant sits on commercial land, but right next door to it are residential homes.

"I'm glad the restaurant's there," said neighbor Josh Alkire. "I'm happy for their success…I just want it to be quiet. I want my kids to be able to sleep at night instead of crawling in my bed at 1 a.m. because some guy's out there screaming and hollering."

Alkire's home is only 40 feet from the patio.

The owners of the pub say they understand Alkire's concerns, and that's why they're willing to compromise.

"I live three blocks away from this place, so all the neighbors we're talking about, they're my neighbors, too," said Owner Geoff Kies. "I would hope that if there was a business next to me and I was going through the same scenario that we might…find this middle ground and try to make everybody happy."

The committee agreed to recommend that city council allow the use of the patio – with some restrictions. The hours of the patio use would be cut back, and the patio must be enclosed by September 30.

Council will make their decision July 9.

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