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Students build projects during summer break

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James Elliot James Elliot

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Some students at Southern High School have decided to stay in school during the summer for programs continuing their education.

The summer learning opportunities provide the students with hands-on learning as they apply what they learned in classes months ago.  

One of the programs offered is an eight day engineering program.

In the class, instructed by technology teacher John Summit, students built CO2 racing cars and a small model of a bridge that could hold 28 pounds before breaking.

"I think it opens up options to them of things they may not have considered, Summitt said. "Sometimes people come in here and realize this is a whole new world for them and this is something they may want to pursue."

"I love math and I love building something and trying to break people's record," James Elliot said. Elliot's bridge held 28 pounds, a few shy of the record which was 36.

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