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Twins kidnap woman with sword over interracial relationship, report states


Three people were arrested in York County after barging into one's ex-girlfriend's house with a sword. They were looking for her new boyfriend, according to a report from the Clover Police Department.

Wednesday just after 5 a.m., officers were called to a home on Trinity Street in Clover in regards to a man with a sword. Once on scene, police were told by a young boy outside the home that "a crazy man was in the house with a sword," and that the boy's mother and brother were in the house with him, the report states.

Officers knocked on the door, and were met by a woman who told them that her ex-boyfriend and his twin brother, later identified as Ricky and Micky Passmore, had come to the house, armed with a sword, but had already left. She said that when Ricky knocked on the door, a juvenile in the house went to open it, and the twins came in.

Ricky then pushed the victim down on the couch and told her he would kill her if she got up, officers said.

He then went to the back bedrooms. The victim told police he was looking for her new boyfriend since he "did not approve of her interracial relationship occurring around his children." Once he realized the man was not in the house, both twins left in a car being driven by another female, later identified as Rebecca Rogers.

Police gathered evidence and a description of the vehicle, and the trio was pulled over a short time later.

The sword was found in the car, along with a crowbar, a paint scraper, a baseball bat, a "blunt homemade object," a loaded SKS firearm, and 13 rounds of ammunition.

Ricky Passmore also had brass knuckles in his pocket, police said.

All three were arrested and charged with kidnapping. Ricky and Micky Passmore were also charged with first degree burglary. Ricky was also charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

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