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Unnecessary celebration for Josh Gordon and Greg Little?

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A major sidebar to the Miami Heat championship has been Josh Gordon tweeting about the "Hate" on Twitter. It has also been a topic of conversation on local sports radio. Former Browns player LeCharles Bentley has some strong thoughts on the issue.

Josh Gordon tweeted the following: "Y'all can find me at the champions parade on the #winners float.. #sorry.  Bentley later took to Twitter with the following response: Not a good look bro, @JOSH_GORDONXII riding shotgun with champions when your team sucks makes you a scrub. I'm done... #DamnKids

LeCharles went on to say it's not about the team that you root for. These guys aren't from Cleveland (Josh Gordon and Greg Little), so really they should be fans of whoever they want to. However it is how you carry yourself among the fans that want to love you. Bentley referenced LeBron James wearing a Yankee hat to Jacob's Field a few years ago. It's wrong for Josh Gordon to pick fights with Cleveland fans purposely.

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