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Friends say Sellersburg shooter had mental breakdown

Angela Isaacs Angela Isaacs
Josh Priddy (Source: WAVE 3 Archives) Josh Priddy (Source: WAVE 3 Archives)

SELLERSBURG, IN (WAVE) - As Clark County detective and SWAT team member Chris Proctor was rushed to University Hospital with a police escort on Monday, friends and neighbors spoke about his alleged shooter.  

"He's never had a parking ticket," said Angela Isaacs of her friend Josh Priddy. Isaacs said she doesn't know the Priddy who took over a neighbor's home, shot a police officer, killed a police K-9 and kept a team of other officers at bay for more than nine hours on Monday. The Josh Priddy she knows was with hanging out with his kids one day earlier.

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"They were playing ball," Isaacs remembered, "He was with his daughter, and they were playing around."

She also knew Priddy as a former Louisville Fire sergeant who served the department for 12 years.

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WAVE 3 News met Priddy when Engine 7 was closing and also when he and other firefighters supported Portland Presbyterian Church members following their effort to keep the church from burning down.

Louisville Fire confirmed it had to let Priddy go when he went absent without official leave in 2012.

Isaacs said, "He had a mental breakdown."

Before Priddy's wife called police seeking mental health counseling for Priddy on Monday, Isaacs also tried to help. "I gave him a Bible this morning," she said. "I said, ‘I want you to have it,' and he said, 'Do you mean that?' and I said, ‘Yeah, from my heart.'"

But Isaacs said it wasn't working.

"He really thought the devil was coming through the television and stuff," she said. "He's schizophrenic and he's not been on the right kind of medication."

Isaacs said one of the drugs Priddy is on makes him hallucinate.

"It just finally sent him over the edge," Isaacs said. "He just snapped." Isaacs said she hopes for the sake of his family, Priddy finally gets the help he needs.

"He's got all these people here for him that love him and care about him," she said, "and I hate that this happened."

Isaacs said she's there for Priddy. Other neighbors said they're worried for his family.

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