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18 months after release for murder, no arrests

Jerome Camp Jerome Camp
Kerry Porter Kerry Porter

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A year and a half: That's how long it's been since a Louisville man was cleared of a murder for which he spent more than a decade in prison. Despite the days that have ticked by, still no arrests of the killer. The victim's brother and the man who one day called prison his home say it's been long enough.

Out of the murder of one man's brother and the years another served for it, somehow a friendship grew.

"They had him convinced at first that I was the killer and now I think there's a great bond that we forged that he helped get me out and I think that's a beautiful thing so since he supported me, quite naturally, I'm going to support him," said Kerry Porter, who in December 2011 was cleared of the 1996 murder of Tyrone Camp.    

Now Porter and the victim's twin brother have one goal: see someone else locked up for killing Tyrone.

"They put this man in prison for 14 years," Jerome said.  "He deserves some kind of justice behind that.

On December 19, 2011, Porter experienced the moment mostly seen in movies.  After years behind bars and new DNA evidence, prosecutors cleared him of murder and set him free.

At the time, both men thought it would be a matter of days before police arrested someone else for killing Tyrone.  It was an opinion apparently shared by then-Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Stengel on a WAVE 3 News broadcast.

"I didn't dream it was going to take this long, actually I'm quite surprised," Jerome said.

"I'm mad and frustrated at the fact that I did the time so my position was, 'Hey why don't they get these guys?'" said Porter.

But 18 months later, Camp and Porter are playing a waiting game, made all the more frustrating by their belief that they know who killed Jerome's twin brother.  They say the main suspects in the police investigation that cleared porter were Tyrone's wife and her boyfriend, later husband, Juan Sanders.

"That's the problem about it, they know who did it," camp said.  "They were provided with information. That's what got Kerry Porter released so why haven't they went and got them."

Camp believes there is a ticking clock. Sanders is behind bars, serving time for an unrelated manslaughter. The earliest he could be released is three years from now.  Camp hopes that day never comes.

"Once he's released, he'll kill again," Camp said.  "The way he killed Ty, he's a threat to anybody."

Louisville Metro Police Department investigators said this is still very much an open investigation and they're chasing down multiple leads.  This case, they say, is made more complicated and therefore more time consuming because of the 17 years that have passed since Tyrone Camp was killed.

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